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Industrial Tape

Industrial tape offers a variety of useful features, so you can find the right option for your needs. Packaging tape for packaging and carton sealing. Duct tape can tackle a huge of tasks, from quick repairs and bundling items to sealing, waterproofing and marking off areas to direct foot traffic. Masking tape helps protect surface and borders during painting. Anti-slip tape provide a simple solution for anti skip for stairway, workshop, kitchen, bathtub and swimming pool etc.
    Glow in the Dark Tape

    Glow in the Dark Tape

    Description: •CAMAT® glow in the dark tape Soft vinyl phosphorescent tape. Glow vividly in the dark. Used to mark panels, light switches, and other dark areas in theaters and back stage. Light energy absorbing ,no radiation hazards. .Used to mark panels ,light switches ,and...

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