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Analysis of market situation of tape industry in China
- Jun 02, 2018 -

After more than one hundred years of development, the tape industry has become an important basic chemical industry in the world. It is an important part of the rubber products industry, involving the national economy, people's life, national defense and military industry, production and consumption and so on. China began to become a major producer and consumer of adhesive tape in the world before 11th Five-Year. There are more than 500 adhesive tape manufacturers in China. According to rough statistics, the annual production capacity of the national conveyor belt exceeds 350 million, and the V production capacity is about 2 billion 500 million am, ranking the first in the world. At the end of 11th Five-Year, the annual output of the national conveyor belt reached 300 million, and the annual output of the V belt reached 2 billion am. The belt products of our country, whether the conveyor belt or the transmission belt are all complete, can basically meet the needs of the national economic development, but there is still a problem of unreasonable product variety structure, excess capacity, blind development of the industry and vicious competition.

The production capacity of the conveyor belt has expanded rapidly in China, especially the expansion or new scale of the production line of the steel cord conveyor belt has been increasing. The production capacity of the transmission belt represented by the ordinary V belt is more than that of the market demand, and the production capacity of the synchronous belt, the multi wedge belt and the agricultural machinery belt has increased rapidly.

In the domestic demand side: during the "11th Five-Year", with the rapid development of China's coal, metallurgy, steel, automobile and other industries, it provided a broad domestic market for the belt industry, and achieved continuous and rapid development. During the period of 11th Five-Year, the annual production and sales of adhesive tape products increased by more than 15%. As of 2013, the total output value of rubber hose industry has increased to 29 billion 455 million yuan.

In recent years, a series of industrial policies and industrial plans, which have been promulgated by the relevant state departments in favor of the development of the belt industry, have laid a good institutional foundation for the development of the belt industry. First of all, by supporting the structural adjustment and technological upgrading of the upstream industries such as rubber, new materials and textile industries, the material basis for the upgrading of the belt industry is provided. Secondly, the whole demand and market capacity of the belt industry will be expanded through the revitalization of the high-end machinery and equipment manufacturing, metallurgy and port industries. Encourage superior enterprises to be bigger and stronger, improve the proportion of high-performance adhesive tape, and promote the structural adjustment, technological upgrading and brand strategy of the belt industry.

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