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Application and description of double-sided foam tape
- Oct 30, 2018 -

Foam double-sided tape is made of low-density PE foam as the substrate, single/double-coated high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive, composite silicon release material, and belongs to foam tape.

CAMAT Double sided foam tape properties:

Substrate: PE foam Glue: Pressure sensitive adhesive Color: Black White

Thickness: 2/2.5/3mm Temperature resistance: normal temperature Specification: 1.02m*120m/semi-finished product

Uses: advertising signs, decorative building materials, furniture photo frame trim, electronic appliances, aluminum composite panels, KT panels, etc.

Features of foam tape:

It has good applicability, adhesiveness, good temperature and weather resistance, can be used in all seasons, and has strong adhesion and long shelf life.

How to distinguish between foam tape and EVA foam tape, PE foam tape:

These three tapes are all foam tapes that look very similar in appearance, so how do you distinguish them? First of all, it can be distinguished from softness and hardness. The foam tape is the softest, followed by PE foam. EVA foam is relatively hard. In addition, it can be distinguished from the viscosity. The foam tape is the most sticky, and it is sticky. After the uncovering, there will be residual glue, while EVA and PE foam tape will not be glued or less.