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BOPP Adhesive tape's characteristics and applications
- Nov 07, 2018 -


High-quality and high-performance tapes perform well even in extreme weather conditions, and are suitable for storage in warehouses, shipment of containers, and prevention of goods theft, illegal opening, etc. Available in up to 6 colors and different sizes. Neutral and personalized sealing tape


1. Transparent sealing tape is suitable for carton packaging, spare parts fixing, sharp object binding, art design, etc.

2. Color sealing tape provides a variety of color choices to meet different appearance and aesthetic needs;

3. Printing sealing tape can be used for international trade sealing, express logistics, online shopping malls, electrical brands, clothing shoes, lighting fixtures, furniture and other famous brands. The use of printing sealing tape can not only improve the brand image, but also achieve one. A wide-ranging effect.

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