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Can scotch tape work like this? It’s a pity to just stick things
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Tape is actually a universal tool.

If something breaks, it can be glued with tape.

Stitching reinforcement can still be glued with tape,

Even if you lift a heavy object, you can stick a few more tapes.

Then use the tape as a rope.


When punching holes in the wall, often control the depth of drilling? Just use the nail to measure the length, then put a piece of tape on the puncher, you can be accurate.

Hair removal

The clothes and hats in the house will inevitably stick to the hair, use a transparent glue to wrap around the hand, and then easily loosen the hair on the coat.

Wearing a bracelet

I don’t always wear a bracelet for myself? Teach you a trick, stick it to the side with adhesive tape, and then you can easily buckle it.

Make stickers

When you see the pattern you like, you can print it, stick it with clear glue, then use a spoon to scrape it on the surface, cut it, soak it in the water, then wipe it off and stick it on the cup.

Cleaning the keyboard

First remove a piece of scotch tape, then stick it to the keyboard, then slightly buckle the keyboard with your hand, and then tear off the scotch tape. This way, you can easily remove the stain on the surface of the keyboard by going back and forth several times.