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Homemade nail sticker with washi tape
- Jul 12, 2018 -


Tools: paper tape, scissors, pencil, nail clippers, bright nail polish2.JPEG

  1. Cut a piece of washi tape


  2.  stick it on the nail and mark the edge of the nail with a pencil


  3. Use scissors to cut the shape of the nail along the mark.


  4. Once again attached to the nail, use a nail clipper to trim the edge along the edge.


  5. inally coated with bright nail polish, can be more shiny, anti-warping

    Advantages: Convenient, fast, waterproof and environmentally friendly, not hurting the hand, low cost and many styles, you can undress at any time to change the pattern with clothing. Disadvantages: Persistence is not enough, probably about the same as water-soluble nail polish.