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How to choose the adhesive tape
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Select the tape to clarify two purposes:

First, the characteristics of the tape: (stickiness, temperature resistance, retention, presence or absence of residual glue, material quality, presence or absence of curling, masking effect, tensile strength, length, stiffness, color, weatherability, solubility, Smoothness, dimensional accuracy, cohesion).

Second, the scope of use: (electronics, decoration, automotive, industrial packaging, clothing, circuit boards, electrical insulation, general industrial shielding, etc.).

1. Masking tape Features: Excellent viscosity, good temperature resistance, good tensile strength, good retention, no residual glue, can be baked many times in high temperature environment. Uses: Widely used in electronic components such as: ceramic capacitors, polyester capacitors, metalized capacitors, thermistors and other products in the process of manufacturing tape.

2, double-sided tape Features: has excellent adhesion, anti-aging. Uses: used for surface bonding of various substrates, die, computer embroidery, nameplate and so on.

3, cold pressure tape characteristics: the initial tack is very small, the tape adhesive face adhesion is excellent, the paper is good, there will be no curling, the masking effect is good, and does not damage the core surface film! Uses: Used for metallized capacitor spray gold shielding. In particular, the newly developed laminated film is cold pressed, and the excellent tensile strength is very thin, which greatly saves the gold-plated material.

4, hot melt tape characteristics: the initial tack is small, in the case of heating, immediately reveals excellent viscosity, combined with the tape carrier, good fixing force, strong endurance, good weatherability, good solubility. Uses: Widely used in the finished product of electronic components.

5, braided tape characteristics: good adhesive tape, good tensile strength, good retention, even winding, long length, can save the loading frequency and improve production efficiency. Uses: Tape and paper tape for secondary tapes for resistors and automatic inserts.

6. Ribbon tape characteristics: The paper tape has strong tensile strength, good stiffness and even winding, and is used together with the tape. And there are a variety of colors to choose from. Uses: Tape used with paper tape for secondary tapes of resistors and automatic inserts.

7. Tear tape characteristics: The tearing tape has low initial adhesion. When used, the two rubber faces are firm and sticky, the tape is easy to pull off, the tensile strength is very good, there is no breakage, and the adhesive tape of 6000M greatly increases your productivity.27有离型纸铝箔胶带细节图.jpg