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How to quickly remove the glue left by various tapes
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Quickly remove tape marks:

Wind oil removes the self-adhesive method: Thoroughly soak the place where the adhesive sticks with the wind oil, and wipe it off with a dry rag after 15 minutes. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can extend the soaking time of the wind oil, and then rub it hard until it is wiped clean.

Hair dryer heating offset: Open the hair dryer to the maximum heat, blow the tape trace for a while, let it soften slowly, then wipe off the offset with a hard eraser or a soft rag. Scope: This method It is suitable for articles with small tape marks and long time for offset printing, but the articles should have sufficient heat resistance.

Method for removing vinegar from white vinegar: Dip white vinegar or vinegar with a dry dish cloth to completely cover the labeled area and completely soak it. After immersion for 15-20 minutes, gradually wipe off the edge of the sticker with a dish cloth.

Lemon juice removal method: Squeeze the lemon juice on the hand with adhesive dirt and repeatedly remove the sticker.

Medical Alcohol Soaking Offset: Soak some medical sprinkle on the surface of the adhesive-coated offset for a while. Then wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel. Of course. The surface of the item with the tape marks must be the one that is not afraid of alcohol corrosion. This method can also be used. If there are expired perfumes or effective lotions, it can also be used as a substitute for sprinkling, because there is a certain amount of ingredients. And these two can be applied to any item, and the alcohol in Bi Jing does not contain too much. Scope of application: the surface of articles that are not easily corroded.

Method for removing the adhesive with acetone: The method is the same as above. The amount is small and thorough, and the best part is that it can remove these residual gels very quickly and easily, which is better than sprinkling. Both of these are solvents and are the best of all methods.

Use banana water to remove the sticker: It is an industrial agent used to remove paint, and it is also easy to buy (the place where the paint is sold). The method is also the same as alcohol acetone.

Washing the nails to remove the offset: no matter how long the history is, the area of the offset printing, as long as some girls wash the nail polish for nail polish, soak for a while, then wipe with a paper towel to ensure that the surface of the item is as clean as new. But there is a Problem. Because the nail polish is very corrosive, it cannot be used on the surface of objects that are afraid of corrosion. For example: lacquered furniture, laptop case, etc. Therefore, the use of nail polish to remove tape marks is very useful, but care must be taken to protect articles with traces from corrosion. Scope of application: Offsets that have a long time, large area, are difficult to clean, and are not susceptible to corrosion. .

Use a hand cream to remove the sticker: first peel off the printed surface, then squeeze the hand cream on it, slowly use your thumb to rub it, and then you can rub the sticky residue down for a while. . Just slow down. Hand creams are oily substances whose properties are incompatible with gums. In addition to glue is to use this feature. The material is easy to find and convenient, and can remove the residual glue.

Eraser erases offset printing: When we were a child, we often used this method when we went to school. We wiped it with an eraser. The rubber drip chips can just stick the adhesive traces. Scope of application: for small areas and new traces. For large The traces of the tape are in vain.

Computer Cleaner Erase Offset: Cleaners that are commonly used to wipe camera lenses and computer screens can also be used to erase tape marks. Scope of application: Tape printing for smooth items is effective.

Time-saving and labor-saving “de-gelling agent”, also known as “sticker remover”, is sold in some auto parts stores, and sprays a tape trace part. It can be wiped off quickly. Scope of application: Large-area hard-to-remove offset printing, but if you don't often encounter tape troubles, you don't need to buy a bottle. You can use the author's small trick.