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How to remove the scotch tape trace? Double-sided tape removal tips
- Aug 15, 2018 -

First, the method of removing transparent glue marks

1, using an eraser, eraser to remove the traces of transparent glue is also very effective, but it is only suitable for small areas of traces.

2, with a wet towel, this method may be the way we would think of when we first found a trace of transparent glue. We can soak the offset area with a wet towel and then slowly wipe it, but this method is limited to places that are not afraid of stickiness.

3, using alcohol to wipe, first of all to use this method must be determined in advance where the area to be wiped is not afraid of color, wipe the cloth with alcohol and slowly wipe until wiped off.

4, detergent also has the effect of removing the traces of transparent glue, the use of the same steps as other methods.

5, ordinary nail polish water because of the chemical composition inside, so the effect of removing the traces of transparent glue is also very good.

Second, the double-sided adhesive removal method

1. Don't tear off the layer of paper first, blow it with a hair dryer, and then take it down.

2. If you have left a black mark, you can use some white oil on your home to paint some on it, then wipe it off with a rag and wash it with water. If you don't have white flower oil at home, you can rub it with wind oil or oil.

3, if the part of the paste, the black mark is not large, you can use an eraser to wipe. If the area is large, you can use anhydrous alcohol, that is, industrial alcohol, to apply it to the pasted position, then wipe it with a cloth.

4. Use a dry cloth covered with vinegar to cover the entire trace. After the double-sided tape is completely wet, you can use a ruler to gently scrape off.

Third, the foam double-sided adhesive removal method

1. If it is attached to the wall, you can use a pointed object to scrape a small corner, then press the small corner with your hand to tear it down. This method is more tiring, but it will not leave traces.

2. If it is attached to plastic, first use a towel to rub the hot water, so that the foam double-sided tape is all wet, then find the small corner and slowly scrape it off.

3. If it is attached to the glass, try using decontamination powder. Take some decontamination powder and put it on a semi-wet rag and wipe it back and forth several times. If it is a hard imprint, you can first wet the imprint and then use the decontamination powder.

4, first soak the rag with warm water, then wipe the trace position, while wiping, generally spray detergent, a blanket will become soft, it is easy to remove.

Fourth, the method of removing double-sided tape on the wall

1. First use the lightening water of the nail polish pigment to wipe it. Because the light water can make the original color of the wall fall off. This method is recommended for use in small areas that are not obvious. It is not recommended for large, conspicuous walls.

2. The method of heating is to soften the double-sided tape, blow it with a hair dryer, and wait until the paste of the double-sided tape becomes soft, and the trace can be easily removed.

3. We can take a piece of dry cloth covered with vinegar to cover the entire trace of double-sided adhesive. After the double-sided adhesive is completely wet, it can be easily removed with a ruler.