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How to use double sided tape correctly?
- Jun 02, 2018 -

When the double sided tape is used, be sure to pay attention to it and stick the double side tape fast and smoothly - this allows the double sided tape to reach the maximum effect.

At the time of the pause, the double sided tape was still forcefully pulled, although the double-sided tape was not seen at the macro level, but the micro double sided tape had been opened up a tiny gap (powerful effect on the object). This time made the distribution of glue on the double sided tape no longer uniform, producing the effect of "flower glass". So, so white.

Very slow uniform speed open and fast uniform speed open color difference is also great, slow speed clear white, slow open, glue wire will pull very long, will make the rubber surface uneven, the transparency is worse. Quick pull because of inertia and other factors, the liquid has not yet had a larger shape change will be opened, so it can basically maintain the original uniformity, and also ensure transparency.