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how to use the kraft paper tape
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Use of kraft paper tape

    Tape is a good helper for our daily life. Generally speaking, our common tapes have scotch tape, but in some industrial packaging, most of them are made of kraft paper tape and board factory. We are familiar with the tape. Today, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the use of kraft paper tape.

There are many types of kraft paper tapes, such as white kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape, and buffalo-free paper tape. There is a certain difference between them.

   Kraft paper tape, water-free leather tape product introduction: water-free leather adhesive tape: suitable for paper, mold, clothing and sealing. Wet water kraft paper: suitable for paper products, carton modification and packaging and sealing, divided into wired and wireless, can be printed. Material: kraft paper, fiber line. White kraft paper tape is made of wet-water kraft paper tape and coated with hot-melt (or rubber type) pressure-sensitive adhesive. White tape is used for white packaging. It has a clean feeling and is suitable for packaging of foods and cosmetics.

   There are three kinds of functions of kraft paper tape, which can be divided into sealing type, wheat head type and label type. Sealing type: Wet water kraft paper tape is commonly used for sealing. Because wet water kraft paper tape has low cost, sealing and sealing effect, many export product outsourcing boxes need to be sealed with wet water kraft paper tape. To ensure the safety of the goods. There are many sellers such as Taobao shop in order to make the packaging more unique and more beautiful, often use the printed kraft paper tape to seal the package, making the packaging more professional. Wet water kraft paper is a good seal Box tape (kraft paper tape), if you put on the printed text (printed tape), the effect will be better.