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Scotch tape is not only used for packing ,let us finding it Now
- Nov 26, 2018 -

I believe that everyone is no stranger to Scotch tape. It can be said that it is a necessity for every household, and most of them are used when packing. In fact, in addition to this use, Scotch tape has other magical effects, let's take a look.

Wonderful use Many people like to wear woolen coats in the winter, but the black woolen coats especially love dirty things. At this time, you can tear open the tape and repeatedly stick on the surface of the clothes, so that you can stick the dirty things away.

Magical use 2 It is not good to wear a bracelet. At this time, you can also use a transparent tape to hold the chain with a tape, so you can easily put on the bracelet.

The three carpets are always sticky with hair and other dirty things. At this time, you can stick the tape back, which is equivalent to a roller, rolling back and forth on the carpet, so that dirty things will stick to the tape, and small dirty things can also It's easy to remove. Wonderful use 4 The hair on the floor is not easy to clean. After the tape is glued to the broom, the hair on the floor is rubbed on the tape. After that, the tape is pulled off and thrown away. It is more convenient to clean up.

It is not easy to wear a multi-strand line when you use it. At this time, you can also use the transparent tape, put the thread on the tape, and then cut it with scissors. This way, it’s good to wear it again. Have you learned a few of the above transparent tapes?

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