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Substrate classification of double-sided tape components and double-sided tape double-sided tape
- Oct 30, 2018 -

The double-sided tape is based on a non-woven fabric, a cloth base, a PET film, a glass fiber, a PVC, a PE foam, an acrylic, etc., and then an elastomer-type pressure-sensitive adhesive or a resin-type pressure-sensitive adhesive is uniformly coated on the substrate. The rolled adhesive tape is composed of a substrate, an adhesive, a release paper (film) or a silicone paper.

Double-sided adhesive substrate classification

The double-sided adhesive with substrate is based on cotton paper, PET, PVC film, non-woven fabric, foam, acrylic foam, film, cloth base, glass fiber, etc., and double-sided uniform coating of elastic type pressure sensitive A pressure-sensitive adhesive, an acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, a thermal conductive adhesive, a conductive adhesive, or the like, which is formed on the above substrate, is a substrate, an adhesive, and a release paper (film). ) Part of the composition.

The non-substrate double-sided adhesive is a roll or sheet made of an adhesive (elastomer type pressure sensitive adhesive or resin type pressure sensitive adhesive, acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, etc.) on a release paper (film) material. The adhesive tape is composed of an adhesive and a separator (membrane) portion.

Double-sided tape adhesive classification

It is divided into solvent-based adhesive tape (oily double-sided tape), emulsion-type adhesive tape (water-based double-sided tape), hot-melt adhesive tape, calendered adhesive tape, and reactive adhesive tape. Generally used in leather, nameplate, stationery, electronics, car trim, shoe, paper, handicraft paste positioning and other purposes. Hot-melt double-sided adhesive is mainly used in stickers, stationery, office and so on. Oily double-sided tape is mainly used in high-viscosity such as leather goods, pearl cotton, sponge, and footwear. Embroidered double-sided tape is mainly used in computer embroidery.

Double-sided tape type

PET double-sided adhesive: PET as the substrate, the color is (transparent, black); the total thickness of the tape is from: 0.01mm-0.25mm; mainly used for: nameplate, decorations, decorative parts, plastic, rubber sticky Pick up.

Non-woven fabric/cotton double-sided adhesive: non-woven/cotton paper, color: translucent, total thickness of tape: 0.05mm-0.4mm; mainly used: suitable for curved surface paste, suitable for stamping type, Ming Paste of the board and membrane switch; can be used to attach logos, photos, envelopes, hooks, etc. Used in the footwear and leather industries; bonding to PP, PE, PU, foam and other materials.

Non-substrate double-sided adhesive: directly coated with acrylic acid gel, the color of the tape is transparent, the common thickness specification is: 0.06-0.13MM, with excellent bonding effect, can prevent falling off and excellent waterproof performance. Good processability, good temperature resistance, good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical stability, good initial tack and good adhesion; can be applied to a wider temperature range and harsh environment; long-term temperature resistance 80-95 ° C, short-term Temperature resistance up to 180-205 ° C; for panel bonding, shock-proof foam paste, door and window seals (EPDM), metal and plastic paste.

Thermal double-sided adhesive: made of glass fiber as base material and double-sided coated with thermal conductive glue, the color is: white; total thickness: 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, etc.; widely used in LED , CPU, electronic components, etc.

PE foam double-sided adhesive: foam as the substrate, double-sided acrylic glue, color: black, white; conventional thickness: foam expansion times are 5 times, 8 times, 10 times, 15 times, 20 times and 30 times; 0.2mm.0.25mm.0.3mm.0.4mm.0.5mm.0.6mm.0.8mm.1.0mm.1.2mm.1.5mm.2.0mm.3.0mm, etc.; widely used in: photo frame decorative strips, furniture accessories Articles, car trim, wave board, wheel arc, block flow, plate brake light, car logo, motorcycle signage, electrical nameplate, tops, etc. Adhesive fixation, features: strong adhesion, good retention, UV protection, Temperature resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance and resistance to plasticity. Applicable temperature: -20 ° C ~ 120 ° C.

Acrylic foam double-sided adhesive: Acrylic adhesive tape is made of all-acrylic material, coated with release film or release paper. The color is: black, white, transparent, gray; thickness: 0.2mm.0.3mm.0.4mm.0.5mm.0.8mm.1.0mm.1.2mm.2.0mm.3.0m, etc.; with waterproof, shock absorption, heat resistance, It has the characteristics of strong sound insulation and good weather resistance, such as sound insulation.

Easy to die-cut, it has good adhesion to non-stick surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, paper and silicone. Good durability in high and low temperature environments, high surface energy and low surface materials

Excellent adhesion. Glass strength, initial tack and shear strength balance red film acrylic tape is good. Chemical resistant, moisture resistant, UV resistant.

 Application of Acrylic Foam Double-Sided Adhesive: The glass curtain wall provides superior force and dust tightness during assembly, as well as various needs during construction, such as heat insulation, sealing, connection, bundling, repairing, marking and so on.

It plays a good role in bonding and fixing in the processing and assembly of digital products such as household appliances, advertisements, electronic road signs and LED boards.

For automotive applications, automotive anti-scratch strips, bumpers, bumper boards, nameplates, floating cards, pedals, and interior and exterior decoration and motorcycle nameplates, markings, and subtitles.

Glass cloth double-sided tape: It is made of high-performance silica gel coated with 0.14mm thick imported glass cloth. The tape has a thickness of 0.22mm±0.01mm. The product has good temperature resistance (-50°C~260°C) and adhesion. Strong, strong and tear resistant;

Glass cloth product application:


1. Glass cloth high temperature resistant tape can withstand high temperature of 200 °C for a long time, and has high tensile strength and strong bonding force. It is widely used in H-class motor and transformer coil lead-out wire wrapping.

2, glass cloth tape explosion-proof anti-leakage, a large number of high-energy lithium battery insulation bandage.

3, can be used for a variety of high temperature sandblasting protection and high temperature shielding protection.

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