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The application of double sided foam tape for auto-motor
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Foam tape has anti-vibration, anti-skid, anti-collision, anti-scratch and other functions, beautiful appearance, can be customized according to customer requirements, fit a variety of imported tape, good adhesion.

Products are widely used in plexiglass, display stands, household appliances, furniture products, hardware accessories, communications, computers, calculators, electronic toys and various electronic controllers and other fields.

1. Car foam tape is used to paste various beadings or logos on the side of the car;

2. Paste advertising panels or text, various racks;

3. Paste the door panel of the microwave oven, the front panel of the air conditioner;

4. Assembly of the inner and outer panels of the railway vehicle;

5. Reinforced steel plates for assembling electric boards or escalators;

6. Assembling materials for air conditioning, furniture, and vending machines;

7. Assemble various starting magnetic strips and plastic products;

8. Fix the printed circuit board's reinforcement board, etc.

9. Assembly of household appliances, fixing of sheet metal ribs;

10. Anti-corrosion of long distance oil pipelines;

11. Aircraft manufacturing and assembly in the aerospace industry.

Car foam tape performance advantage

1. The automobile foam tape has strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and can maintain stable adhesion under temperature changes;

2. It has good adhesion to metal, gold-plated surface, plastic, wood, paper and silicone, plastic and other difficult to paste surfaces;

3. Acrylic foam is flexible and easy to seal;

4. The effect of absorbing external shock, vibration and noise is outstanding;

5. It can prevent corrosion between different metals;

6. It has ultra-high adhesion and good adhesion durability in high and low temperature environments;

7. Anti-chemical solvent, good resistance to moisture, good adhesion, good compliance, UV resistance.

Viscosity measurement of foam tape

The viscosity of PE foam tape is the internal frictional resistance of solid on the contact surface. The size of the foam is determined by factors such as the type of material, temperature and concentration. It is generally referred to as the dynamic viscosity. The unit is Pa·s (Pa·s) or millipascal. · Seconds (m Pa· s).

The viscosity is divided into dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, and relative viscosity. The three are different and cannot be confused. Viscosity can also be measured in coated -4 or coated -1 cups in seconds ( s)

Density and specific gravity: Density is the mass per unit volume of material at a certain temperature, and the representative symbol is ρ. At temperature t°C, the density is expressed by ρ t in units of k g/m 3 or g/m3.

Relative density, also known as specific gravity, the specific gravity of a certain volume of solid or liquid at a certain temperature (g) and the same volume at the same temperature or 4 ° C water quality (g) ratio, the symbol is d, is A dimensionless parameter.

Volatile matter and solid content: The solid content is the ratio of the mass of the residue to the mass of the sample after drying for a certain period of time at a certain temperature. It is also known as a volatile residue, heating the residue, drying the residue or non-volatiles.