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The birthday card made by washi tape
- Nov 16, 2018 -

A birthday card that can be done with tape, easy to learn in two minutes, netizen: Happy birthday.

When I was a child, my birthday was not very rich. The cost of living for a month was a few hundred dollars. So if I can receive a gift, I will be very happy. If anyone can give me a small card, I will be very satisfied. I am a good friend, I think she cares about me. When you grow up, everyone is busy with work. If anyone has a birthday, they will send a red envelope to solve it, but they always feel that something is missing. If anyone can give me a card at this time, I think I will be very touched. Everyone is very busy, but I am still willing to make a small card for you as before.


Today, Xiaobian will teach you to make a cake birthday card, and let you find out the taste of childhood. If a friend recently happened to have a birthday, then do it for her. I don’t know if she is as small as Xiaobian. Moving. First of all, we need to prepare a piece of white paper and a few rolls of cartoon tape, and cut the tape into four large rectangles.2

This kind of tape should be a lot of every lady who loves to write a hand account. The cartoon is very cute. We just choose to like our own pattern and stick it up. Then draw a candle in the first row, and draw a candle. It's very simple. Just draw four rectangles and draw a small flame. You can draw some small pink circles on the second layer. This pattern can be completely decorated according to your own. The preference is to paint.3

We can also draw kiwi, strawberry, apple, etc. on it, like every layer is sandwiched with fruit. Finally we draw the base of the cake. Such a cute little cake jam is finished, and you can easily master it without a painter.


We can also draw a bear as a decoration, of course you can also draw a love, with a happy birthday on the top. Although this card is not worth a few dollars, it is full of blessings. After all, no one now has such a childlike heart and likes this kind of gift. Gifts can satisfy material life, but this greeting card may satisfy spiritual needs and can be preserved for a long time. Just like your friendship, if you see this article happens to be your birthday, then I wish you a happy birthday.