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The importance of tape in belt conveyor
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Tape is an important part of belt conveyor. The length of the belt conveyer is about two times the length of the fuselage. The amount of the conveyor is large and the price is more expensive. It occupies a large proportion in the cost of the conveyor (about 50%).

Tape is not only the conveyer bearing mechanism, but also the traction mechanism (except for the wire rope traction belt). From the bearing angle, the tape is required to be soft and slots. From the point of view of traction, it is required to have enough tensile strength. The allowable laying length of the conveyor is limited by the tensile strength of the adhesive tape. In addition, due to the direct contact with the material during the operation of the adhesive tape, there are certain requirements for its wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fire resistance.

Therefore, reasonable use of adhesive tape should be made according to needs, especially for operators, high temperature adhesive tape should be strengthened to maintain the tape and reduce accidents. This is of great significance for the safe operation of conveyors, the improvement of conveyor life and the reduction of operation cost.