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The use of tape in electronic products
- Jun 02, 2018 -

The tape we use now is made of some very good tape material. Now the protective film of the screen saver can also be said to be a tape. This kind of tape requires high transparency, anti scraping, damage prevention and a good protection for the sticker itself.

For example, if our mobile phone is not covered with protective film adhesive tape, then the mobile phone will be dirty easily. We can take out their own mobile phone to see if it is like this, even the back of the mobile phone, we also added a mobile phone shell, is also playing the role of protection. We often see patches on the roadside stalls. There are often more than one booth in one street. From this we can see that the demand for protective film adhesive tape is very large. But we have to choose a good protection film to better protect your mobile phone your computer, many people buy a cell phone when buying a film directly in the store, the price is several times more expensive than the small stall, the reason is the quality is good, get the trust of the customer.

There are also beautiful paper. It is used in capacitor electronic components, banded packaging; used with kraft paper belt; suitable for spray engineering or other ordinary paint on the edge of paint; used for electroplating parts without electroplating; powder spray, spray paint, electroplating, PCB processing, electrical appliances. Product insulation, transformers, coils and so on.