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Too many paper tapes do not know how to use? Try these 20 simple ways
- Jul 24, 2018 -


1, simple photo frame: play creative stickers, it is very beautiful!


2, switch decoration: originally boring is very boring, paste paper tape becomes so colorful ~~


3, wall decoration: do not need to buy a special sticker on the wall, paper tape can be easily solved.

4, dotted with the pen: the pen is not the same as the look of the same? Stick your style with paper tape!


5, decorative door: the door is vegetarian, want to come to the pattern? Use paper tape right!


6, modeling candles: Why spend money to buy those decorative candles? Stick yourself, and the boring candles are beautiful.


7, decorate the room: play creative, put it on the wall right!7.jpeg

8, keyboard stickers: do not have to buy a keyboard sticker, play with your own paper tape to play your creativity


9, colorful glass jars: transparent glass jars decorated with paper tape, become colorful and cute!


10, landscaping charging line: This trick is also useful! I feel happy when I see the line of beauty and beauty~~


11, the country wind wood clip: Susu's wooden clip is also very good, but after the paper tape is not the same!


12, glass decoration: spraying on the glass is always difficult to clean ... may wish to change into a sticker tape! Simple and beautiful


13, exclusive mobile phone case: use paper tape to match your creativity to post a unique mobile phone case!


14, bookmarks: look tired and unchanging bookmarks? Sticking different paper tapes will have different feelings~~


15. Self-made card: What should I do if I am still worried about sending a friend's card? Pick up the paper tape and collage it!


16, packaging gifts: packaging gifts with paper tape is fast and beautiful! However, the person receiving it will be reluctant to remove it.


17, storage wire: paste into a plant look feels a different flavor!


18, decorative pencil: the pattern of the pencil you do not like? Just wrap a few laps of paper tape and get it done!


19, beautify photo frames: those beautifully beautiful photo frames are always more expensive... don't spend any more! DIY yourself


20, decorative key: use tape to help the keys put on new clothes! It’s so good to see~~


These ideas are great! I have to take out my paper tape to make a good play!