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Washi tape
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Color: yellow, red, black, white, blue

Temperature resistance: 110 degrees

Features: Affordable and the role of banana water, dimethyl stupid, Tianna water, etc.! Prevent degumming, discoloration, etc.

Uses: It uses paper and paper as the substrate, and the paper is soft. It is suitable for sports equipment, rubber, plastic parts and construction sites, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration spray, and paint. It has moderate viscosity and good adhesion and shielding to most smooth surfaces, bends or corners. It has good workability and is quickly peeled off after use without leaving residual glue.

It has good initial adhesion, good adhesion, easy adhesion to all kinds of surfaces, low labor intensity, and can firmly fix the masking film to the masking paper to avoid sliding and falling off.

Textured paper backing: uniform thickness, good adhesion, no breakage of the tape around the corner.

Back guessing infusion filling: dense material, good solvent resistance, easy to tear, not easy to break, the tape can be removed after use.

Backing material anti-adhesive treatment: the unwinding force is small and uniform, and it will not be over-wound, and it is easy to use with the masking paper on the special cutter.

501 daisy water tape

Substrate: washi paper base paper

Temperature resistance: 75 ° C x 15 min

Main uses: general paint, spray paint, paint shield, electronic products, wire insulation, sealing, light gift box packaging, noble items.

. A cover that avoids varnish when painting. Wrapped bandage

. Glass joint waterproofing agent treatment protection. Art work paste

. Wrapping of electronic parts. Upholstery

. Sealing of light packaging products. Metal or acrylic temporary protection

701 chrysanthemum tape

Substrate: washi paper

Main use: This product is made of long-fiber and paper impregnated special release agent gain softness and reinforcing paper ductility and adhesive treatment. It is made of anti-sunlight and ultraviolet light for outdoor decoration. The outdoor waterproof joint is not lacking in intermediate materials. The product is available in blue and green. The width is based on 15mm and 18mm, and the length is 18m.