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What are the featuresof the masking tape
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Masking tape with instant adhesive force - masking tape that sticky and prison, easy to use, high work efficiency. Masking tape has a fixed ability - even if only a small amount of pressure, but also according to your idea to adhere to the workpiece, to ensure that the workpiece does not deform, do not shift.

The masking tape is easy to tear off - it is easy to tear off the tape without the tape stretching and dragging.

Masking tape has controlled deployment - it can pull the tape in a controlled way, neither loose nor too tight.

Masking tape flexibility - can easily adapt to changes in the shape of the curve, the flexibility is relatively high.

Thin masking tape - does not leave thick edge deposits, does not take up too much space.

Smoothing masking tape - it feels very smooth and does not irritate your hands when pressed by hand. It is safe and secure.

The masking tape is resistant to transfer - it leaves no adhesive after it is removed. It is quite environmentally friendly and safe.

Masking tape is resistant to solvents - the backing material of masking tape prevents solvent penetration.

The masking tape is resistant to chipping - no cracks.

Masking tape is resistant to retraction - it can stretch along the surface of the curve without retraction.

The masking tape is resistant to peeling - the paint is fastened to the backing of the printing and paper tape.