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Which parts of the car are used in DOUBLE SIDED TAPE?
- Oct 12, 2018 -

With the vigorous development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, automobile foam has solved the very important position of many parts and components in the integrated vehicle body. The automobile foam is made of black EVA foam, black PE and other foam tape as the base material, and the double-sided adhesive-coated adhesive product is mainly applied to the fixing of small objects, the affixing of the nameplate, and the sealing effect. . Which part of the car is used in small cars, let's take a look at it.

1, the car stereo speaker net cover is temporarily fixed

2. Fixing the lateral wing of the car

3. Fixing the rear shock absorbing material

4, nameplate fixed

5, the wheel protection cap is fixed

6, the door lock sealing material is fixed

7, side trim strips fixed

8, the bottom decorative strip is fixed

9. Wire harness fixing and wiring harness (after wiring is completed)

10, the fixing of the window sealing rubber

11, the fixing of the mirror

12, air conditioning air outlet sealing material fixed

13, the fixing of various nameplates

14, the fixing of the rearview mirror