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Adhesive Tape Repaired Aircraft,. Do You Dare To Sit?
- Jun 26, 2018 -


Now we come to popular science!

In fact, this is not an ordinary tape, but a very expensive high-speed metal tape, which is often used for the rapid maintenance of aircraft. In fact, there was a popular science article on the Internet before this tape was introduced. Its cost is indeed very expensive, and there is no problem for temporarily repairing a slightly damaged aircraft.

This tape is made of 0.01 mm metal wire and is made of rubber. It is called an aluminized pressure sensitive adhesive tape. It has a good seal, can repair the damaged part of the aircraft surface paint layer, protect the body from corrosion, and its viscosity is very strong, able to resist the external impact of high-speed flight.

Regarding its use, it is clearly stated in the mechanics manual. However, this kind of repair is only applicable to the surface, not to the structural damage, the repair of the load bearing part, or to the maintenance of critical core equipment. After the end of the phase flight mission, the aircraft will remove the bandage and receive professional repairs.

European Airbus A-400M military transport aircraft, this silver tape patch can also be seen on the body. Even military aircraft have it, but do not worry.

Therefore, when the partners are flying, if they find that the surface of the aircraft is damaged or the engine of the aircraft is cracked, the aircraft that only makes use of tape to stick on the air will not be afraid to sleep.