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Application Characteristics Of Adhesive Tape
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Tape people are not strange, because we can see the use of tape everywhere in our life, remember the tape used in a small time is very narrow tape, stationery tape, later contact more, slowly to understand that the tape is actually a lot of specifications, whether it is from the size or from the thickness, take the sealing of the tape of the box. There is a great difference between the size and size. The sealing tape is more suitable for the storage of goods, container loading, etc., and today the tape manufacturer will give us a brief introduction of its application characteristics.

It has the effect of instant adhesion, only need to use very small pressure to stick, and the sealing tape is easy to tear off from the tape, it will not appear the phenomenon of tape stretching, and can also have controlled expansion. The pliability of the sealing tape is good, and it will not leave a thick deposit on the edge. Its smoothness will not stimulate the hand. It will not have adhesive after it is uncovered. It has good anti dissolubility, and anti - fragmentation, anti - retraction and so on.

The application of adhesive tape has brought us great convenience. Even in industry, we use adhesive tape to pack and seal products.