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Causes And Maintenance Tips Of Adhesive Tape Aging
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Tape can not be used in the process of using different specifications, varieties and strength of the adhesive tape, the tape in storage needs to be put into the storeroom, so that the tape can be avoided to a certain extent. If the tape is damaged in use, it is necessary to find the reason and advance in time. Do the repairs. In order to avoid breakage of adhesive tape, if tape is kept clean in production. In order to avoid damage to the side of the conveyor belt, it is necessary to use a crane to ensure that the adhesive tape is not damaged.

Tips for adhesive tape maintenance in Anhui in the new era

1. the tape needs to be rolled up, not folding, the longer the storage time needs to be turned every quarter, and the tape should be stored in the storeroom, to avoid the sun and rain.

2. the type and specification of adhesive tape should be selected according to the need.

3. the good operation and cleanliness of the tape has a direct relationship, the external material will affect the eccentricity of the tape, if the tape is found to be damaged in the use of the phenomenon, it is necessary to find out the cause, and then repair it in time.

Causes of adhesive tape aging

1. oxygen, because the amount of oxygen in the air is 21%, and oxygen has the characteristics of accelerating the oxidation of the material, the activity is very heavy, causing the rapid oxidation of the tape, thus causing the tape to become "old". But when we tape the tape, don't let the tape appear. It is inevitable that for breathable adhesive tape, this factor is inevitable.

2. ultraviolet (Tai Yangguang), the ultraviolet light has the high temperature characteristic can quickly decompose the sticky material, the adhesive tape which is exposed to the sun for a long time will be decomposed, resulting in the aging of the adhesive tape. This is the place where the tape is used to see if objects can be exposed to sunlight.

3. plasticizer, its main function is to soften plastic, and most of the glue products contain plasticizers. With the change of time, the material itself contains more and more plasticizer, resulting in the aging of the adhesive tape. Under the long-term influence of all these factors, the adhesive tape will deteriorate, soften, solidify, and lose viscosity.