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DIY Hand-made Anti-mosquito Tape
- Jul 25, 2018 -


As the weather heats up, it is when mosquitoes are paralyzed. The most annoying thing is the mosquito! Sometimes waiting for an elevator, there are several packages on the legs!2.jpeg

I have also introduced many Japanese mosquito repellent artifacts before, such as the highly acclaimed Ikeda model hall, which is effective for all kinds of skin inflammation. Yi Nengjing once recommended it.


More convenient than the incomparable drop is the VAPEHELLO KITTY mosquito repellent watch that has become the new favorite of the children because of "Where is Dad?", and many of them are worn by Belle.4.jpeg

The mosquito repellent watch that can be worn by you can be used as an ornament on your hand and as a mosquito repellent effect, especially for children. The same effect is also available in the mosquito repellent bracelet


But Japan also has a mosquito repellent "artifact", which is even more convenient than a mosquito repellent watch and a mosquito repellent bracelet! Simple and portable is a trivial matter for it, because it is a thin piece of tape!

Maste mosquito repellent tape


In fact, maste launched the mosquito repellent tape last year, which is especially convenient for both adults and children. This year, maste specially updated more styles, giving more possibilities to skillful people!


Principle: maste adds sub-citronella oil to the tape. This sub-tropical vanilla has the scent of mosquitoes, which can play the role of insect repellent, but has no effect on the human body.


Pattern: The tape released this year is more lively than last year, and it is more inclined to the cute patterns that children like.


Convenience: This tape has a waterproof effect, whether it is a daily necessities or a body of clothing can be posted, you can create your own fashion mix.

▍ packaging


This tape is divided into blue adult and yellow children. In fact, the difference is not very big, but it is divided into simple fashion and innocent and lovely in the difference of colors.


The adult models are simple, with a solid color series and a wave point horizontal strip series. Among them, the more literary art is the starry sky and the vanilla sky, no matter where it is attached.


Although the children's models are called children's models, the above small dinosaurs, bees and small ghosts are not cute enough, even adults will surrender for this cute!

▍How to use


Just cut the tape and stick it on the carry-on item. Those who believe in their own fashion tastes can DIY themselves, such as sticking on clothes or straw hats, and making "tape fashion transformation" on themselves


Adults put 6 to 8 on their bodies, and 5 to 6 for children is enough. The effective time for each use is about 12 hours. As a large roll of tape, it can be said that the price is very high.

Maste's "tape family" has a lot of good things.

Hand account people absolutely like it!

『 Black and white tape 』


This tape is equivalent to the "secret garden" of the tape version, all with complicated patterns, but all are black and white lines. You can use your color pen to create your own freely on the top, especially for the hands-on people who love DIY.

『 Convenience tape 』


This wide-roll tape should be a must-have tape for home study. It has been listed as a box, which is more sticky than a sticky note. It is especially convenient for taking notes when you study!


It is easier to carry than the mosquito repellent and toilet water. It is lighter and more lovely than the mosquito repellent bracelet. It is very difficult to understand that this tape does not fire up? !