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How Can The Stairs Be Beautyful And Anti-slip?
- Jul 11, 2018 -


From the point of view of aesthetics and practicality, it is more common to be marble and wooden stairs. Sometimes it may be slippery if you pay attention to it. Maybe you can try to use special carpet on the stairs and choose different styles and colors. Your home will become taller in an instant, but the only drawback is that it will be more troublesome to clean up.


Stairs will be equipped with handrails. In addition to daily isolation and protection, the biggest use is that up and down stairs can play a supporting role. For those who are not convenient at home, the handrails are one of them. Tools, we can achieve the anti-slip effect by increasing the friction of the handrail.


You can also choose to install anti-slip strips on the stairs, which not only can prevent slipping, but also protect the stairs. The anti-slip strip should protrude a little bit on the stair step, about 2-3 cm, not too high, but the anti-slip strip Not matching with the stairs, it looks less beautiful.


If the floor of your home is made of marble or granite, you can grind three grooves on the edge of the step to prevent slipping. It is called a non-slip groove. The anti-slip effect is also very good, but after a long time, the groove will stay. Some sand and dirt are difficult to clean, and the grooves will become lighter and wearer, and the anti-slip work will be greatly reduced.


You can also buy special stair anti-slip tape, which is more convenient and quick to operate. Just stick it on the stairs, the surface is rough, the friction is relatively large, the glue on the reverse side is also very firm, and the anti-slip effect is great.