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Neymar Was Humiliated By PS! Wrapped Tape On The Body, Satirized -fragile
- Jul 12, 2018 -


On the front page, "The Record" PS has a photo of Neymar sitting down on the ground. Neymar’s upper body was tightly wrapped in white tape with the words “fragile” printed on the tape.

"Nemar is going home, and he must be careful when transporting him." The Recorder ridiculed Neymar. Neymar’s exaggerated performance made him angered.

However, Mourinho chose to maintain Neymar at this time: "People are completely focused on Neymar. If it is really only Neymar, then it is good. But the problem in Brazil is not just Neymar."

Mourinho also talked about the referee's question: "All teams put a lot of pressure on the referee, which makes the quality of the game down. In my opinion, this is a negative factor."