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Selection And Purchase Of Adhesive Tape And Points For Attention
- Jun 02, 2018 -

For the selection of adhesive tape, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

One smell taste, if the taste is very strong, there is a stink of taste, the adhesive tape is very poor, especially in the low temperature environment, basically sticky on the carton glue will crack, when the taste is thicker, the feeling of the initial stickiness is still very sticky, but it will soon dry and lose the glue, then it will appear on the surface of the adhesive tape. There is a crack, which is due to the unevenness of the coating.

Two. Look at the brightness of the film. Generally, the inferior tape will be darkened. The probability of the rupture is very high and the strength is poor.

Three, the thickness of the feeling film, the sticky tape of the feeling film is generally more times, and because of the thickness of the film, the actual number of rice will decrease. The film selected by the good tape is soft, and the film is elongated with the hand.

Four, look at the color, the more white of the general transparent tape, the less the tape, the less the impurities, to ensure the adhesive adhesive stickiness, the adhesive tape below 100 meters can be transparent to see the paper tube. The product is usually smelling.

Five, looking at the paper tube, the adhesive tape of the thick paper tube is generally used to mislead the consumption, the production of the tape is started from abroad, so the inner diameter of the tape is 7.6 centimeters, but the inferior tape is done enough on the thickness of the paper tube, and the situation is related to the many consumers, many people think the paper tube The thicker the outer circle is, the more the tape will roll up. This recognition is unscientific.

Six, look at the tightness, the tape in the process from the semi-finished to the finished product is to use the machine to draw the strip, all have a certain tension, the tension is big, the tape will be tight, the tape should be rolled up well in accordance with the routine. There is no gap in this kind of tape, the degree of glue with the air is small, which can extend the duration and maximum of the preservation of the tape. The adhesive adhesive force of the tape is kept limited. In addition to the inferior adhesive tape, because it contains impurities, the coating is not uniform, and there will be no problem at the time when the finished product is taken into the finished product. But the time will begin to begin to appear. The tape with gap is a typical volume, so the best method is to feel when the two tape is chosen. Weight.