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Tesa Participates In The 2018 Shanghai C-Touch&DISPLAY, A New Generation Of Bonding Products Unveiled
- Jul 23, 2018 -


For a new generation of displays such as curved screens, folding screens, and flexible screens, flexibility and ultra-thin technology are the highlights of these screens. Therefore, the difficulty of the pasting is increased, and the requirements for the fixing of the internal components are extremely high. For this, Tessa Tape developed the tesa® 697XX series elastic tape and the tesa® 696XX series UV curing tape.


The main application areas of tesa697XX series elastic tapes are 3D curved surfaces, bent or curled display screens and ultra-thin electronic devices. These types of products are characterized by ultra-thin, bendable, etc., and have higher internal components for the screen. Requires that the tesa697XX series of elastic tapes provide sealed and operated services for the internal components of the screen, allowing the interior of the screen to be stable. The tesa 696XX series is mainly for the bonding of optical screens, suitable for touch screen or display and cover glass or window.


These two tape series can perfectly fit the bonding requirements under the new screen, ensuring the normal use of curved screens, folding screens and flexible screens, providing unlimited possibilities for the development, production and promotion of the new generation of screens. This is also the new paste solution that Tesa tape brings to the new screen era.

In addition to displaying these two screen adhesive tapes, Tesa will also release new foam products on the C-Touch that will improve the fit rate. There are many wonderful interactive activities on the spot. Welcome to come and consult.

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center – 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area

Tesa Booth: Hall E7 5C02

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