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The Big Use Of Small Tape
- Jun 02, 2018 -

In daily life, tape is the most common daily necessities. Small tapes can still be used in this way, do you know? Anhui new era sticky Xiaobian and you look at the various uses of adhesive tape.

Waterproofing sealant in kitchen and toilet

The water trough at home is usually fixed on the table with silica gel when it is installed. For a long time, water stains will leak into silica gel, resulting in blackening or mildew.

Waterproof and mould proof adhesive tape is placed on the joint of the sink and the table, moistureproof, mildew proof, easy to scrub, and can also be used at the joints of the gas stove and the table top.

Waterproof and mildew proof tape of kitchen and toilet

A wide range of use, water trough, bathroom wash tank, bath tub edge and wall gap can be used, moisture-proof and mildew proof, and easy to scrub, can also be used in the gas stove and the surface of the seam and other joints.

Waterproofing and mildew proofing can also be waterproof, and the design with color is more warm and charming, which is very suitable for home necessities.

Fasola toilet paper sticker

Soft polyester fabric, lovely printing, warm and comfortable, two pieces of use more flexible, keep the use of the environment clean and healthy, better life.

Waterproof and mildew proof adhesive tape in the kitchen

Import Toyal Dongyang aluminum, waterproof aluminum tape, kitchen and waterproofing and mildew proof tape, joint seams, moisture-proof and waterproof strips, toilet closet wall corner wire paste.

Creativity is everywhere. Tapes give you unexpected beauty in my life.