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The British Museum Has Come To Tmall To Open An Online Store.Buy Adhesive Tape To Grab The Pre-sale
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Yesterday at the British Museum online store

There are only 6 items.

On July 1, the British Museum Tmall flagship store was officially launched. I entered the store on the night of the 15th. At that time, the legendary little yellow duck could not even see the shadow. Yes, it is the rubber yellow duck in the bathtub. I think it should not be the collection in the British Museum, but it has appeared in the souvenir shop of the British Museum in 1970. It is reported that there are 4 ducklings landing in the Tmall store, dressed as Egyptian sphinxes, ancient Roman warriors, Viking pirates and Japanese warriors, a set of 4 for 61 yuan, one grab And empty.

Fortunately, I am not interested in the little yellow duck, it is not difficult. I am sad that I have not grabbed the heart of the Rosetta Stone.

The Rosetta Stone was made in 196 BC. The Greek stone, ancient Egyptian and the popular popular scriptures on the stone tablet engraved the script of the ancient Egyptian king Ptolemy V (he is a descendant of the Greeks). The scholars used these words to decipher the Egyptian hieroglyphs that have been lost for thousands of years. This stone 1.14 meters high and 0.73 meters wide was discovered in 1779 by the French army captain Bu Xia in Rosetta, Egypt. It has been preserved in the British Museum since 1802. According to the surrounding gadgets developed by the Rosetta Stone, including mugs, passport holders, sports bottles, notepads, mouse pads, tapes, etc., the price is not expensive, all under 100 yuan.

In addition to the mysterious ancient Egyptian theme, the ukiyo-e painting "Kanagawa Surf" in Katsushika Hokusai is also beautiful. It has been said that this style of painting, after being introduced to Europe in the 1950s, influenced a large number of Impressionist painters, including Manet, Van Gogh and Degas. Similar to Pop Art in the United States, ukiyo-e is often presented in the form of prints. Among the hundreds of prints in the Kanagawa Surfing, there is a collection in the British Museum. The theme of "Kanagawa Surfing" includes shoulder bags, folding umbrellas, mugs, group fans, etc., and the elegant style is taken. Of course, they also sold out early, and you can't find it now.

Ancient Egyptian tape is gone, I don't give up, I go in and brush twice every day. On the night of the 20th, the shopping cart suddenly shows that I can pay, or 19 yuan, 3 rolls. At that time, there were only 10 items left in the flagship store of the British Museum. Four of them were “pre-sales”, including the tape I wanted to buy. As for the others, it seems that there is no shortage of goods in the short term.

I went to brush it again last night. There are only 6 kinds of goods in the store, 4 of which are pre-sales. I don't know what will happen today...

Tape is the love of every museum

The pre-sale of the British Museum Rosetta tape paper will not be shipped until about 31 days, but my appetite has been hoisted. Not afraid, there is no British Museum, we also have the Palace Museum and the National Museum of China!

The Forbidden City Taobao, in the domestic museum online store, has been regarded as "senior net red", and now has more than 2.53 million fans. Among them, the tape is a fighter in the store explosion. On the front page, there is a special column called “朕 tape”, which has dozens of colors of tape, and the price of each roll ranges from 15 yuan to 35 yuan.

It seems that the tape is really a tool for the museum online store. It has a flagship store of nearly 490,000 fans in the National Museum. There are also more than ten kinds of tapes, ranging in price from 16 yuan to 40 yuan. In terms of style, the Forbidden City is extremely luxurious, and the National Museum is a bit more elegant.

I would also like to mention the flagship store of the Summer Palace, which also has tape paper, 15 yuan a roll, very rich Chinese characteristics.

Maybe you have to ask, are these tapes used? There are a lot of ways to play, you can stick it on the shell of perfume, lipstick, powder and other beauty products, or stick it on the charging treasure, stick it in the account, in short, you can post more places.

Just ask if you have bought a refrigerator sticker.

Using the "museum" to search the online store, in addition to the above mentioned, you can also find the flagship store of the domestic museums such as the Art Museum of the Shaanxi History Museum, the Suzhou Museum, the Gansu Provincial Museum, and a network dedicated to selling souvenirs from world famous museums. Shops such as the Louvre in France, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Vatican Museum, the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands, and the V&A Museum in the UK. I just saw the "Legend of the Rivers and Lakes" little yellow duck and mummy refrigerator stickers in this store.

The products sold in various museum online stores include daily necessities, clothing, comics, and jewelry. Here to talk about jewelry, the earrings of the Palace Taobao are very beautiful, and there are many prices close to the people, like the big jade dragon pearl earrings 60 yuan, "朕" earrings are also 60 yuan.

The jewellery collection of the Summer Palace flagship store is too beautiful. "Spring and cold plum blossoms", "Xia Shui Shenglan", "Autumn frost made chrysanthemum", "Winter snow hanging bamboo" can be used as a brooch or a necklace, inspired by Chinese gardens or culture. Classical and timeless. Of course, the price is not cheap, one yuan for 1988 yuan.

Really, there are so many fun things in the museum souvenir shop. Traveling abroad, every time I visit a museum, I will definitely go to the souvenir shop to buy something back. According to my experience, everyone loves to buy refrigerator stickers, notebooks, postcards, mouse pads, glasses cloth, because it is not expensive, but it can reflect the characteristics of various museums. Especially the refrigerator stickers, which are generally replicas of the collection, are very good gifts.