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The Method Of Judging The Good And Bad Of The Tape
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Adhesive tape is a necessity in our life. There are many tapes on the market.

One, no odour

First of all a good rubber cloth its taste must not be too smelly, because if it smells bad, it proves that its glue has gone bad, then the tape is easy to stick to the sticky stuff. Though it looks very sticky, it will soon lose its viscosity.

Two. Seeing is real

You need to see with your eyes. First you can see if its surface will be more transparent. The color of the bad adhesive tape will not be too bright.  This is because some of the tape manufacturers he used raw materials are some relatively inferior materials, and can also look at the thickness of his paper tube, because some of the rubber paper manufacturers in order to make people seem to feel a lot of tape, so often use a lot of paper tube to deceive customers.

Three. It is not tight between the tape and the tape

A good tape used by the machine is sure is better, so his tape and tape must be closer between them, so that it can be very good to ensure its viscosity. So if your tape is too loose between each layer, it must be inferior.

Four, see if it will be very crisp

Generally speaking, the tape is not so easy to break, but there are some tape of its original film material is recycled material, so it looks very thick, but it is easy to appear very brittle without long, a tear to break the appearance of the phenomenon.