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Use 100 Rolls Of Tape To Make The Tires
- Jul 16, 2018 -


Recently, Xiaobian saw a whimsy from a foreign country. He wanted to remove the tires and use tape instead of tires to see what it looks like. So he started to work with a few small partners. They bought more than 100 rolls of tape in the supermarket, then removed the tires from their cars and wrapped the 100 rolls of tape on the wheels. Put the taped tire on the car and go on the road to test it.2.jpeg

The performance is really good, the driving is still stable, then several small partners want to try the effect of burning the tires, the result is that the surface has some wear, the effect is not worse than the tire. So they wanted to cut the tires made of tape to see what was inside. After cutting, is this clearly solid?


I wonder if This tire is not afraid of being puncture?