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Using Tape To Finely Into A Fellow License Plate To Avoid Hiding
- Nov 19, 2018 -

1] With colorful packaging tape(, the E on the license plate changes to F

On November 6, the Hangzhou Traffic Police West Lake Brigade received an alert from the traffic police detachment command center. It was originally discovered that the city brain V2.0 was suspected of a deck of vehicles.

The traffic police immediately started the relevant investigation procedure. At around 5 pm, the license plate showed that the blue taxi (accused by the deck car) of Zhejiang ATF150 appeared in the jurisdiction of the cultural and educational traffic police squadron, while the city brain showed that the registered vehicle of the number plate was a red modern compact bus. .

The police of the West Lake Traffic Police Brigade Command Command quickly intercepted the car through surveillance, and ordered the police at the intersection of the three roads to carry out the interception. During the period, the traffic police found through surveillance that the driver actually had to get off the car to play the number plate.

After stopping the car, the police on duty performed a detailed inspection of the vehicle and found that there was a blue tape on the driver's seat, which was the one that had just been torn off. In the face of the iron certificate, the driver had to admit the fact that he deliberately changed the number plate - he used the blue tape to paste the letter "E" on the license plate into "F".

2] The result of the pit village is self-sufficient

After investigation by the police, the actual number plate of the blue suspected deck vehicle was Zhejiang ATE150.

The driver, Mao, explained that the deck was afraid that his traffic violations would be recorded by the electronic police. The red modern car that was being decked belonged to a fellow of Mao. The fellow was employed by another rental company. The two families lived not far. When Mao saw the red modern taxi in the village, he found two cars. The number plate is a letter, and it uses a blue tape to "plasticize" Zhejiang ATE150 into a "loss" of Zhejiang ATF150.

Mao said that he did not expect the traffic police to be so powerful: "The tape was just posted yesterday, and it was caught today..."

At present, the vehicle involved in the case has been detained. Mao’s illegal act of using a forged or altered motor vehicle number plate was severely punished by the public security organ for administrative detention for 12 days, a fine of 5,000 yuan, a score of 12 points, and the detention of a motor vehicle driver’s license.