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What Are The Classifications Of Tape
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Adhesive tape is often used in our life. Adhesive tape manufacturers also have different kinds of adhesive tape according to the needs of different customers.

The classification of adhesive tape according to the base material division: can be divided into BOPP tape, cloth base tape, kraft paper tape, beautiful paper tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape and so on. According to the scope of application: it can be divided into warning beauty tape, carpet beauty tape, electrical tape, protective film tape, winding tape, sealing tape, die cutting tape and so on. According to the market penetration rate, it can be divided into ordinary tape and special adhesive tape.

According to the application environment, the temperature can be divided into low temperature adhesive tape, normal temperature adhesive tape and high temperature adhesive tape. Hot sealing tape is a kind of beautiful paper which is heated by special equipment (hot air sealer or high frequency heat combination machine) and sewed in the knitted bone position needle hole of waterproof and air proof series products such as raincoat, tent, air balloon and so on.

Types of hot sealing tape: PVC, composite PU, pure PU (TPU), hot-melt film, rubber beauty paper, non-woven fabric beauty paper, three layers of fine paper hot sealing tape: European toxic element EN71.PART3:1994 safety testing standard for the European Union toxic element EN1122:2001 safety testing standard EU 2002/61/EC restriction diazo dyestuff standard Quasi - no Vinyl Chloride Monomer

The use of hot sealing tape: hot sealing paper is widely used in cold proof clothes, ski clothes, down clothes, nautical clothes, diving suits, beauty paper tents, car hood, raincoat, motorcycle raincoat, waterproof shoes and other waterproof related products, spacesuit, air balloon, anti chemical clothing and other anti gas products.