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Why Do You Want To Put 米 Type Tape On The Glass Before The Typhoon Comes?
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The wind king "Mangosteen" is about to land. Is there a big wind on your side? Is the window labeled "M"? Why do you want to put "M" type tape on the glass before the typhoon comes?

The China Meteorological Administration said today that the middle part of the glass is relatively fragile, so the tape attached to the glass window can increase the toughness of the glass and reduce the frequency of glass vibration. This not only can resist large wind pressure, but also prevent people from splashing when the glass breaks.

It is reminded that it is best to use a Tan packaging sealing tape to be diagonally crossed or m-shaped on the inside of the window, and it is best to stick it outside the window frame to give the glass center a better support point.